How to view your Storyboard Project in real time


To view your entire project in real time:

  1. In Storyboard select Menu > File > Export to Movie.
  2. Select QuickTime Movie (*.mov) and select Options.

NOTE: It may be preferable to choose Quarter Size depending on the length of the project and the resources available on your computer.

To view a range of shots in your Storyboard project in real time:

  1. Choose the Timeline View, View > Timeline Workspace , or use the keyboard shortcut [4].
  2. Select a closely linked range of shots.
  3. Select Looping.
  4. Select Play and let the sequence run once to commit it to memory. Subsequent replays of the sequence will occur in real time.

Publish date: June 4, 2012

Category: Software Issues

Operating system:

  • Windows (all)
  • Mac OS X (all)


  • Storyboard (all)
  • Storyboard Pro (all)
  • Storyboard Pro 3D