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Toon Boom Animate Highlights

  • Real Media Tools
    Real Media Tools

    Use the most versatile drawing
    toolset for animation. Draw with
    pencil or brush lines, and apply
    texture for different looks.

  • Colour Tune
    Colour Tune

    Paint with colours and change them at any time.
    Clone palettes for different lighting effects.

  • Frame-by-Frame Animation
    Frame-by-Frame Animation

    Create flawless animations using a variety of tools.

  • Cut-Out Character Rigging PRO
    CutOut Character Rigging

    Create highly personalized
    characters within a hierarchical
    structure. Animate gives animators
    the best cutout character rigging
    options in the industry.

  • Built-In Effects PRO
    Built-In Effects

    Use the powerful built-in
    node-based compositing system
    to add special effects.
    Choose from a library of
    over 50 pre-loaded effects!

  • Export

    Export your animations to
    a variety of formats,
    including image sequences
    with transparency,
    and QuickTime movies.

What can you do with Animate?

Animate enables animators of all different kinds to create
highly professional and exquisitely polished productions.

  • Advertisements


  • Short frame-by-frame animations

    Short frame-by-frame

  • Animations for the web

    for the web

  • Legal animations


  • Engineering animations


  • Medical animations


What The Media Is Saying


Quotes With Toon Boom Animate, a professional Flash-style digital animation software, you get excellent features and options in an interface that is complex, but clear and relatively easy to use once you master the basics. Quotes


Quotes Toom Boom Animate is the latest program aimed at 2D animation, and possibly the most complicated and feature-packed. It’s quite possibly the only 2D animation tool a studio needs. Quotes

Digital Media World

Quotes A major new tool in Animate is the True Pencil for drawing with a pencil line with variable thickness. It supports pressure sensitivity, and pencil lines can be manipulated and reshaped better than brush strokes. Quotes

What Users Are Saying

Quotes My workflow has sped up
considerably since I started
using the peg and layers
system. Quotes
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George Roberts
George Roberts

Illustrator and

Quotes My experience with Animate Pro
is that pretty much most can be done
at a very high level, hence saving
a lot of time in the long run. Quotes
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Shirhan Manan
Shirhan Manan


Quotes With the compositing options
Toon Boom provides, it adds so much
more quality and a professional look,
even to the simplest animation. Quotes
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Bernard Derriman
Bernard Derriman

Animation Director

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