Toon Boom Animate Features

Take your animation to the next level by building better character rigs, and animate using forward kinematics, inverse kinematics, and deform.

What's New

Bone Deform PRO

  • Bring your characters to the next level by adding bone-style deformers.
  • Bend drawings around bones and articulations.
  • Apply deform to vector drawings, textures, or imported bitmaps.
  • Define regions of influence to fine-tune your rigs.
  • Apply the rig to multiple drawings, and still swap out drawings and animate in Z-depth over time.

True Pencil

  • Draw directly in the software with a pencil line that supports pressure sensitivity.
  • Modify the position, length, or thickness information on a line after you draw it.
  • Copy and paste the style from one line to another, or apply the style across hundreds of drawings.
  • Incorporate texture on your lines for cool effects like charcoal, chalk, and many more.
  • Import your own textures from Photoshop and apply them to the line style.

64-bit Core

  • Take advantage of the new 64-bit core technology.
  • Use as much memory as your machine allows.
  • Import images without memory limitations.
  • Export hi-res images and movies for professional results.

Touch Gestures PRO

  • Use standard two-finger gestures
  • Supports zooming, rotating, and scaling of the canvas

Touch Gestures

  • Draw directly in the software with texture brushes.
  • Simulate that pencil-on-paper feel for rough drawings.

Tool Presets Toolbar

  • Save tool properties that you frequently use.
  • Quickly jump to brushes, pencils, paint buckets, and other tools.
  • Save the colour along with the properties of the tool.
  • Use your own custom icon on the toolbar if desired.

Interface Enhancements

  • Autosave, specifying the time interval.
  • New user interface for Brush and Pencil tool properties.
  • Ability to drag and drop keyframes, drawings, or both on the Timeline.
  • Improvements to the Annotation columns in the Xsheet to sketch notes.
  • Ability to export different resolutions directly from Export Movie.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • ...and more!

KEy Features

  • Real Media Tools
    Real Media Tools

    Superior drawing tools, including Brush,
    Pencil, and Paint tools.
    NEW:Brush lines with texture for doing rough drawings.
    NEW:Pencil lines with variable thickness and
    texture support for nice, clean lines.
    NEW:Save presets of tools you reuse often to
    streamline your workflow.
    Convenient text tool.

  • Frame-By-Frame Animation
    Frame-By-Frame Animation

    Comfortable drawing position with the rotary light
    table, rotating canvas and onion skin.
    NEW:Shift and Trace allows you to temporarily
    overlap drawings for easy in-betweening.
    IMPROVED:Xsheet with Annotation columns to
    keep notes and organize animation.
    Fast and easy keyframe animation, cell
    swapping and transform tool.
    IMPROVED:Live sync of Xsheet and Timeline.

  • Colour Tune
    Colour Tune

    Fast colouring using palettes.
    Fine-tune colour ambiance using palette cloning.
    IMPROVED:Paint multiple frames quickly
    and easily using advanced paint options.
    NEW:Ink tool for inking coloured pencil lines.
    Draw invisible lines to paint in boundaries.
    Paint with gradients and textures for
    different looks.

  • Smart Puppet
    Smart Puppet

    It’s also possible to create basic
    characters using Animate.
    Smooth character motion using
    forward and inverse kinematics.
    Sophisticated morphing.
    Flexible rigging and hierarchy options.
    Reusable library structure.
    Automated lip-syncss.

  • PRO Character Rigging
    Character Rigging

    Create character rigs with a real
    hierarchy on the Timeline.
    Add as many drawings as needed for mouths,
    hands, etc. See drawings added to the library
    automatically when new drawings are created.
    Use the integrated compositing view to make
    sophisticated characters with masking.
    NEW:Take your characters to the next level
    by adding Bone Deformers.
    NEW:Animate characters with texture,
    and bend the artwork in real time.
    Save your character rigs in an easy-to-reuse Library
    structure to access them in other projects.

  • PRO Cut-Out Animation
    Cut-Out Animation

    Comfortable drawing position with the rotary
    light table, rotating canvas and onion skin.
    Smooth character motion using
    forward and inverse kinematics.
    Sophisticated morphing.
    Save frequently-used animations in
    the library for quick reuse.
    Automated lip-sync.
    IMPROVED:Live sync of Xsheet and Timeline.
    Add ease simply and effectively.

  • Content Integration
    Content Integration

    Added TWAIN support for
    Ability to import still images
    from Photoshop, Flash,
    Illustrator, and more!
    Import SWF and QuickTime
    movie files.

  • True Space
    True Space

    Integrated real-time camera.
    Impressive depth movement
    on Z-axis.
    Powerful motion path settings.
    Efficient ease and velocity settings.

  • Export

    Export still image sequences (PNG,
    TGA, PSD, and more).
    Export movies as Flash (SWF) and
    movie (QuickTime).

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