Flip Boom All-Star / Overview

An easy-to-use animation software ideal for teens and up.

Top Features

  • Create cartoons, movies, ecards and more.
  • Auto-animate your drawings.
  • Import and edit sound.
  • Share with friends and family

Animation software loaded with awesome features

An easy-to-use animation software that lets you bring drawings to life with movement and sound. Flip Boom All-Star offers auto-animate features and a sound library, adding more fun to the mix! Share your projects on YouTube and Facebook!


Media of the year AEP Nappa Honors Brain Toy Dad does approved

Level 3: Going Places

Animation is AWESOME! Flip Boom All-Star makes it easy and FUN to animate. Use the easy features to create cool animation and impress your friends. My awesomeness will be shared with whole wide world!




Auto-animate your drawings Make “Crazy” animations with the crazy button!



Import and edit sound



Create cartoons, movies, ecards and more



Share with friends and family.



Import pictures, draw, copy, paste, rotate and transform

Flip Boom All-Star In Education

Flip Boom All-Star is great for secondary school students, as it will allow them to easily import images and sound, and create interesting animated projects for their assignments. Students can work individually, or as part of a team, to either create their own artwork or import still images using the 1000 items of ready-made clipart available to them in All-Star. Adding sound is a breeze and publishing the project for the Web, computer or iPod is even easier.

Flip Boom All-Star is truly cross-curricular, as it can be applied to all subjects, including art, science, geography, history and literature.

Flip Boom All-Star in Education

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