Flip Boom Cartoon / Overview

Fun cartoon software that’s ideal
for kids.

Top Features

  • Create cartoons, ecards, albums, projects and more.
  • Add sound.
  • Share them with friends and family.

Ideal for kids to express creativity and spark imagination!

This cartoon software makes it fun and easy to create cartoons, add sound and then share them with family and friends. Easily make animated cartoons with your own creations, or choose from a clip art library. You can also add sound, record yourself, or drop sounds from a library. Once you are done with your animation, you can share it online on an iPad, iPod or iPhone.


Preferred Choice Parent Choice Gold Creative Toy Nappa Honors District Administration Mérite du français dans les TI Canadian new media awards Octas

Level 2: Beginner

The ABC’s of animation. Want to learn the basics? Flip Boom Cartoon makes it easy and fun to create animation. Learning is FUN! Why write the alphabet when you can animate it? Flip Boom Cartoon makes learning your ABC’s super duper.

Key points for Parents and Educators:

  • Unleashes imagination
  • Develops motor and logical skills
  • Stimulates creativity and self-expression
  • Widely adopted in schools
  • Winner of multiple awards




Create cartoons, movies, ecards and more



Draw, copy, paste, rotate and transform

Add sound

Add sound

Take your animation to the next level!



Share with friends and families

Flip Boom Cartoon In Education

Flip Boom Cartoon has won several prestigious awards for the excellence of its design and the genuine creativity it inspires in young talent. Flip Boom Cartoon enables students to simply draw and colour a series of pictures with small progressive changes, record their voice, add sound and press play to see their cartoon characters come to life. Kids can also print their drawings to create a flipbook. With Flip Boom Cartoon, children get the excitement of seeing their drawings move and the satisfaction of generating a movie for the Web, computer or iPod. Flip Boom Cartoon is a fantastic creative tool for children to use at school.

The opportunity for children to collaborate on projects is also invaluable in developing their personal and social skills. Teachers feel that with animation they are preparing children for the evolving technological age that they will face as adults.

Flip Boom Cartoon in Education

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Flipboom Cartoon Resources

Free Templates

More colourful templates to add to your Flip Boom All Star library collection!

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Software Documentation

Software Documentation

Documentation about using Flip Boom Cartoon.

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Family Creative Pack
Animation fun for everyone! Ideal for the entire family.
Family Creative Pack

Flip Boom Cartoon uses animation to dazzle students

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