What's New in Storyboard Pro 5

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Improved 3D Workflow

  • Snap to Surface

    It's even easier to position and animate 3D models on a 2D plane like a floor or wall. Your model maintains contact with the surface no matter what changes you make. A feature that works as well with 2D as it does with 3D, block out shots faster than before.

  • Create Layer on Surface

    Quickly create a drawing layer over a 3D surface that faces the camera when you want to draw artwork over 3D models. A powerful and effective way to add 2D drawings to your 3D scenes.

  • A More Interactive 3D Camera

    Better interactivity makes it so much easier to move your 3D camera and do tilts, pans, rotations and camera rolls.

  • Import More 3D formats

    Along with FBX and 3DS, you can now import Alembic and Collada CG content into your storyboards.

Creativity, Collaboration and Workflow

  • Customizable Tips for Bitmap Brushes

    New tips for your bitmap brushes let you change the roundness, hardness, and angle of tips as well as add randomness to affect the resulting lines. Customize the ones we provide or create your own in Photoshop, Harmony or Storyboard Pro.

  • Better Organization with Layer Groups

    You could already break out your artwork into unlimited layers in a storyboard panel - now you can group layers so it's easier to manage content. Select a group and all the layers move together.

  • Faster Revisions with Shared Drawings

    Some drawings, like a background, get reused. Share drawings (use a single drawing across multiple panels) to make it easier to update this kind of artwork. Make a change and the artwork updates everywhere.

  • Qt Application Scripting

    Save time by creating Qt application scripts that automate manual tasks or create new tools that can be accessed at the click of a button.

Better Integration between Storyboard Pro and Editorial

  • 23.976 NDF Timecode Support

    23.96 NDF timecode support in the timeline means you can work in this frame rate and seamlessly export animatics and timelines with panels, sound, transitions, and timing to editing suites via EDL, AAF, and XML.

  • Easier Conforming

    Better error handling and report generation when conforming from an editing software that uses XML means unknown data won't cause a conform to fail and you can more easily troubleshoot issues.

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