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Tap into digital media to teach a new generation of students.

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Engage student learning through storyboarding



Spark the imagination to come up with a flow of ideas on any subject matter.



Associate words with images in StoryBoom to practice language skills.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Analyse a story by breaking it down into beginning, middle and end.

Student Achievement

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Knowledge Retention

Knowledge Retention

Increase student performance, and knowledge retention through active project-based learning.

Creative Expression

Creative Expression

Allow students to express their individuality while creatively articulating their thoughts.



Enhance group work by providing a visual format to collaborate on, present to the class and share the work.

Storyboarding across the Common Core

StoryBoom can be used by educators around the world to teach Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Language and Art.

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The benefits of engaging students with art in education

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Special needs

Toon Boom’s products help foster the creativity of children and young adults with special needs. When using animation and storyboarding as a communication channel, Toon Boom’s products provide these children with constructive activity which holds their attention for long periods of time and provides them with an outlet for stress

Learn more on using Toon Boom’s products for special needs

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Active project-based learning in five steps:







Step 1/5

  • Sketch.

    Use the drawing tools to sketch ideas and unleash your creativity.

  • Write.

    Put your ideas in writing to make your story unfold.

  • Narrate.

    Record your voice to tell your story.

  • Illustrate.

    Discover the library of Toon Boom artwork.

  • Storyboard.

    Bring your story to life in Toon Boom Studio or FlipBoom.This Summer

  • Share.

    Show your creations to family and friends.

StoryBoom Overview

Play Button StoryBoom Overview

*New version of FlipBoom coming this summer


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