How to make it rain in the new Toon Boom Studio

Click the Nature button and there you have it! You’ll have a soggy scene before you can open that umbrella!

The Rain Effect

We here at Toon Boom headquarters are constantly brainstorming about how to expand upon the possibilities of animation. With this premise in mind, Toon Boom Studio 7 arrives jam-packed with a slew of impressive, yet strikingly simple to use, special effects. Among them is the Rain effect; one of the new the Forces of Nature effects, which renders everything from a gentle spring shower to a tropical deluge just a click-away.

Adding the Rain effect can serve to contribute a sense of atmosphere and movement to your animation. Just how soggy you want things to get is completely up to you, however.

As impressive as the final result is, the process of adding the Rain effect to your animation is easy. From your Effects toolbar, simply click on the Forces of Nature Effect icon.

And that’s it!