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Okay, so now that we've created our planing on these two layers here, I've added a third layer called Rough where we're gonna draw our key and breakdown poses.

So I'm just going to draw over my planning drawing here, go to frame 9 and do the same thing, and then to frame 17 and the same thing. Now again, keep in mind that the breakdown is not the same thing as an in-between. A breakdown doesn't have to be an exact half between the two keys, it's actually better if it's not a half because the breakdown is your opportunity to create contrast and interest in the movement between key poses. So I'm gonna place my drawing in frame 7, closer to the position and frame 9 and also stretch out the ball so that we'll get the change in shape. Now next, according to my second chart, I'm gonna go to frame 11 and also draw a stretch ball to also get the change of shape between 9 and 17, and to show the effect of the forces on the ball as it's travelling.

This time I'm gonna favor frame 17, so that will have variety in the spacing and movement of the ball from when it's travelling down to when it's travelling up. One of the really nice features of Harmony 12 is that you have the ability to mark your key pose and breakdown pose drawings. So for example, my first frame is a key, so after clicking on that frame, I click on this button with the red K with a circle around it, and you see there is now a red line on the first frame and the timeline for key drawings. So it's now marked. Then I go to frame 9 and also mark that as a key pose and then do the same thing at frame 17. I can also mark my breakdown poses with this button with the blue B on it, so I go to frame 7, click on B, then frame 11 and click on B again. I can also do this from my exposure sheet by selecting the frame that I want to mark. Right click and go to Mark Drawing As and then choose Key Drawing or Breakdown Drawing. We'll see later why marking your keys and breakdowns is useful. Please note that the exposure sheet function as well as the Mark Drawing As key pose or breakdown pose feature are not available in the Essentials version of Harmony 12.