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Video Transcript

In this video, we will be inking in painting our bouncing ball using the traditional paperless technique.

Okay, we're now going to apply color to the line and to apply another color to the area to defined by the line. So to do that, I'm going to go to the Drawing View. The two tools I'm going to use are the paint bucket and Apply to Multiple Drawings. So with the color selected, I'm going to choose the Repaint option within the paint bucket menu. I'm now going to circle the area that contains all of the ball drawing frames with my cursor. So now I've just repainted the lines on all of the ball frames at the same time. The second paint option we're going to use is called Paint Unpainted. And as the name implies, it will paint any area that is not yet received color. Each drawing layer contains line art and color art sublayers, and we can see here the L and C buttons to activate each those sublayers. It is generally recommended to separate your line art and your color art into these sublayers.

So what we need to do now is to copy the vector information from the line art and paste it into the color art sublayer. The tool we use for this is called Create Color Art From Line Art, located here. We are going to again use our Apply to Multiple Drawings tool to create the vector information in the color art sublayers. So I now select that entire area again, click on Create Color Art From Line Art and now when I switch to my color art sublayer, I have the vector lines that can now be filled with color.

When you see the little yellow boxes, it's indicating to you that you may have a gap in your vector line and needs to be closed. The tool we use to correct that is called Close Gap. So what you do is circle the area that includes the ends of the vector line that are not connecting. And then they are connected so that you can then paint that area. So now I go back to my paint bucket tool and I will use the Paint Unpainted option. And again, having activated my Apply to Multiple Drawings feature, I'm going to circle that entire area that contains all of the ball drawing frames with my cursor.

Please keep in mind that the Repaint feature as well as the Create Color Art From Line Art feature, are not available in the Essentials version of Harmony 12.

Now back in my Camera View I can see my inked and painted bouncing ball and we have our finished traditional paperless animation.