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Video Transcript

So the first step, what we're gonna do here is to create some planning for our bouncing ball animation using two layers here, the one that will be the pathway for the ball and the other one where we'll put the spacing charts.

So using the pencil tool, I'm just gonna draw roughly my key poses so the high point untagged. And the second high point, I'm just gonna do one bounce, then I'm gonna draw the arc where the ball is gonna be traveling on. So we've got a pathway and the positions of the ball, and now on the spacing charts layer, I'm going to create the slow in and slow out between 1 and 9 and between 9 and 17. So when the ball is traveling down, it's going to be accelerating, so we would have more frames closer to the first key. So we'll put the breakdown at frame 7 half between at 5, another half at 3. And we'll put in 1 or 2 just to accentuate the slow out. Now between 9 and 17, since the ball is going against gravity, we want it to slow in to frame 17. So we're gonna put the breakdown at frame 11, other half about 13 and half of that 15, and another one at 16. So what we're doing is animating on twos which means that our animation will have a little bit more snap to it since we're not gonna have a new drawing on every single frame.

Now the last thing I'm gonna do here is select both of these layers and I'm gonna extend my exposure so that we can see the path and the spacing charts throughout the animation.