Choose the level of Support you want from the friendly support staff at Toon Boom.

Kick Start Support

Kick Start support is included from the moment you download the software. Get up and running fast!


  • Free installation and configuration assistance

  • Online access to the Toon Boom Knowledge Base

  • Access to software builds with critical bug fixes

  • Whenever we can, we offer multilingual support. Just ask!

  • Community assistance in the Toon Boom online Forums

  • Learning opportunities using online Tutorials from Toon Boom

NOTE: Kick Start is provided at no additional charge.

Silver Support

Product assistance and software updates (included with Desktop subscriptions).

In addition to Kick Start support benefits, includes:

  • 2 tickets per month, up to 24 tickets per year

  • Phone support (local business hours in Montreal, -5 GMT)

  • Email support (local business hours in Montreal, -5 GMT)

  • Response within 48 hours (Mon–Fri)

  • Access to new software releases and updates

Gold Support

Product assistance and software updates (unlimited calls and response within 24 hour).

In addition to Silver support benefits, includes:

  • Unlimited number of support tickets

  • Response within 24 hours (Mon–Fri)

  • Unlimited number of callers are allowed

  • Remote desktop assistance

  • Access to previous versions of Toon Boom software

  • Opportunity to participate in Beta programs

  • Scripting support

  • Early access to Toon Boom software prior to public release

Support Offering Availability
Kick Start
Monthly Subscription
Annual Subscription Optional
Perpetual License Optional (1 year) Optional (1 year)
Support Offering Details
Kick Start
Installation and configuration
Access to online Knowledge Base
Access to online Forums
Access to online Documentation
Access to online Tutorials and Demos
Support tickets 24 Unlimited
Phone support
Email support
Access to new releases
Scripting support
Participate in Beta programs
Early access to in-between fixes (new versions)
Multiple contacts in your company can call
Access to previous versions
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