Toon Boom Customer Experience Improvement Program

We want to make products that work the way you want. To help us do this better, we would like to gather anonymous information about your Toon Boom product usage through our Customer Experience Improvement Program, or CEIP.

How it works

When you opt into CEIP, you are contributing to the future development of the product. Participation is voluntary and any information we gather is completely anonymous.

The CEIP gathers information about feature usage, performance, and some of the problems our customers encounter. Your computer automatically sends this information to Toon Boom and it is reviewed by the product development and design teams to improve Toon Boom products. Information is collected on Toon Boom products as well as third-party applications that interact with our products.

The information is only collected when you are using Toon Boom software and have a live Internet connection.

How does Toon Boom protect your privacy?

When you participate in CEIP, any information we collect is completely anonymous so that your privacy is protected.

Toon Boom does not collect or record:

  • Information that can personally identify you, such as contact information
  • IP addresses and usernames
  • Filenames used in the software
  • Third party program data unless it interacts with our products (such as video card drivers)

What type of information does Toon Boom collect?

By participating in CEIP, you are contributing to product development by helping us understand how you use our software. The kind of information that Toon Boom collects is:

  • System information including the operating system, processor, and amount of memory installed
  • Toon Boom software and version number installed and used
  • Toon Boom feature usage such as the menu options and buttons you choose to use
  • Error conditions

Can I opt out?

Yes. Participation in CEIP is optional. If you do not wish to participate, you can opt out at on first launch. If you opt in and then change your mind later, you can easily opt out by using the following procedure.

Opt out from within the application:

  • Select the Customer Experience Improvement Program option in the Help menu.
  • In the dialog that opens, remove the checkbox next to "Yes, I would like to take part in Toon Boom Customer Experience Improvement Program."
  • Click the Close button.

Will I be contacted based on the information collected?

No. We do not collect any information that can be used to identify you and we do not contact subscribers to CEIP.

Does participating in the CEIP affect my software's performance?

No. Data collection and transmission is asynchronous. Also, no data collection or transmission is done during critical tasks like drawing or playback.