Toon Boom Ambassador Program 2021

Apply to be one of the 50 animators, rigging artists, or storyboard artists to participate in the Toon Boom Ambassador Program.

Ambassador program entries
for 2021 are now closed.

The selected candidates will be contacted
in January.

What is the Toon Boom Ambassador Program, and who qualifies?

Each year we select fifty creators to participate in the Toon Boom Ambassador Program. This program is intended to recognize animation artists who make exceptional use of our software, whether they are industry professionals, freelancers, educators or hobbyists. We will consider any candidate who advances the craft of animation using Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro.

In addition, we take the following criteria into account:

  • Pipeline Optimization (Design, Analysis, Workflow)

  • Previous activity in Toon Boom’s community as well as our Ambassador Program.

  • Experience in animation, including credits on television or film productions.

  • Audience size on video and social media platforms.

  • Industry recognition and awards.

  • Professionalism and conduct.

All nominations for the Ambassador Program are subject to approval by Toon Boom Animation.

What does a Toon Boom Ambassador do?

Depending on the participants’ interests and expertise, Toon Boom Ambassadors may choose to periodically:

  • Participate in interviews on the topic of their experience in animation.

  • Share examples of their work made using Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro on social media and video platforms.

  • Share work-in-progress and behind-the-scenes material, including thumbnail sketches, animatics, and rough animation made using Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro.

  • Engage with our community of animators and artists on social media and across the web.

  • Inspire and mentor the next generation of animators and artists.

Are there benefits to being a Toon Boom Ambassador?

The Toon Boom Ambassador Program comes with perks, which can be used during your awarded year as an Ambassador:

  • An ambassador profile on Toon Boom’s website, with links to your recent projects.

  • A one-year, personal license for the current version of Harmony Premium and Storyboard Pro.

  • Access to new versions of Harmony and Storyboard Pro prior to launch.

  • Permission to use the current year’s Toon Boom Ambassador badge on your website, portfolio, and projects.

  • Validation and identification as a Toon Boom Ambassador on our Discord channel and other platforms.

  • An invitation to the Ambassador and MVP channel on the Toon Boom Discord Server.

  • Access to the exclusive Toon Boom Ambassador mailing list, invitations to online events and networking opportunities, and interviews about your projects.

  • We may also approach our network of past and present Toon Boom Ambassadors for paid work on demo videos, online training, tutorials and other animated projects.

Additional terms and conditions

Participating in the ambassador program is voluntary and contingent on agreeing to the following terms:

  • The tenure for participants in Toon Boom’s Ambassador’s program is one year, with new participants chosen each December.

  • Ambassadors from previous years are welcome to re-apply.

  • We reserve the right to revoke Ambassador nominations and benefits under certain circumstances; including but not limited to acts of racism, sexism, homophobia and harassment.

  • Ambassadors are expected to abide by Toon Boom’s brand-use guidelines when mentioning our products publicly.

  • Internal communications about the ambassador program and information about upcoming products are subject to NDAs and embargoes.

  • We ask that participants refrain from promoting competing software during their tenure as a Toon Boom Ambassador.

Get the full guide of the Toon Boom Ambassador Program

Download a PDF version of all the perks, requirements and qualifications.

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Ambassador program entries for 2021 are now closed.

The selected candidates will be contacted in January.