Ambassador Program

Each year we select 50 ambassadors who advance the craft of animation using Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro. This program is intended for artists who make exceptional use of our software — whether they are professional animators, freelancers, educators or hobbyists. You can learn more about this year’s slate of ambassadors below.

  • Sam Alkaitis

    Sam Alkaitis

    Sam is an animator, build artist and technical director who works in Vancouver, Canada. He is currently working on short films, and recently created The Rhubarb King with Jester's Animation. See more of Sam's work

  • Pedro Alpera

    Pedro Alpera

    Pedro is an animator, illustrator and professor based out of Sevilla, Spain. You can find his work in the Little Monsters series for We Transfer. See more of Pedro's work

  • Andres Alvarez

    Andres Alvarez

    Andres has over 21 years of experience as a storyboard artist and director, and founded the Animation Design Center. His drawings have been featured in Storyboard Pro's LJ Skating stamp. See more of Andres' work

  • Lauren Auty

    Lauren Auty

    Lauren is a storyboard artist and 2D animator who works in the north of England. She participates in animation collaborations in her spare time. See more of Lauren's work

  • Piotr Bartosik

    Piotr Bartosik

    Piotr (aka Juhas) is a rigging supervisor based out of Kilkenny, Ireland. He is currently documenting the rigs he is building for a personal project on Twitter. See more of Piotr's work

  • Colin Bennett

    Colin Bennett

    Colin hosts the Onion Skin channel on YouTube, which includes tutorials for animating in Harmony for rookie and veteran animators alike. See more of Colin's work

  • Mark Borgions

    Mark Borgions

    Mark runs HandMade Monsters in Antwerp, Belgium. His music video for Stan Lee Cole's Separated was nominated to over 20 film festivals worldwide, winning 6 awards. See more of Mark's work

  • Marty Broski

    Marty Broski

    Marty is a character animator, rigging artist and illustrator. She is currently working as a Lead Character Animator at Lighthouse Studios. See more of Martyna's work

  • Katya Bowser

    Katya Bowser

    Katya Bowser is a Storyboard Artist in Burbank, CA, currently working at Wild Canary Animation. She strives to tell stories that will have a lasting impact on others. See more of Katya's work

  • Pat Bradley

    Pat Bradley

    Pat is the founder of Spring Shoe. Spring Shoe creates award-winning animations and artwork with a unique, playful style to enhance any story. See more of Pat's work

  • Iván Carmona Marín

    Iván Carmona Marín

    Iván is a character/fx animator located in Madrid, Spain. In addition to his own projects, he is the co-founder of Sunshine Animation Studio. See more of Iván's work

  • Karine Charlebois

    Karine Charlebois

    Karine is a storyboard artist with 23 years of experience working in children's animated shows as well as animated sitcoms for adults. See more of Karine's work

  • Nick Clackett

    Nick Clackett

    Nick Clackett is an Animation Director working at A Productions in Bristol. He is also known for wearing a pair of Toon Boom socks he won in a competition. See more of Nick's work

  • Alex Clark

    Alex Clark

    Alex is an animator and YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. His channel features a weekly animated series about his life and family. See more of Alex's work

  • Alessandro Correa

    Alessandro Correa

    Alessandro is an animator, illustrator and college professor in São Paulo, Brazil. He made a short film based on Medea for his Master's thesis. See more of Alessandro's work

  • Luisa Cruz

    Luisa Cruz

    Luisa storyboards for episodic TV animation projects in the UK and Colombia. She also has experience with visual development, concept art and 2D animation. See more of Luisa's work

  • Pam Darley

    Pam Darley

    Pam has over 25 years of experience as an artistic coordinator, visual effects supervisor and associate producer. She is often the point person on her team for artistic and technical questions. See more of Pam's work

  • Liza Desya

    Liza Desya

    Liza is an animation student who experiments with rigging techniques and scripting in Harmony. She also hosts a Discord server for technical directors. See more of Liza's work

  • Gregory Doble

    Gregory Doble

    Greg is a Montreal-based animator and illustrator. His shorts have been shown at Encounters, Third Culture, and the Toronto Animated Arts Festival. See more of Gregory's work

  • Michael Doig

    Michael Doig

    Michael is a colourist by trade and has a passion for learning new tools and skillsets. He was the art director for TWRP's Starlight Brigade music video. See more of Michael's work

  • Dan Elder

    Dan Elder

    Dan is the FX lead at the Jam Filled's studio in Ottawa. He has been working in the indusry since 2003, and seeks to educate viewers about the role of FX artists in animation. See more of Dan's work

  • Freddie Elsom

    Freddie Elsom

    Freddie is a lead animator who has worked on shows for Nickelodeon and NBC Universal. Lately he has been teaching himself rigging in Harmony and sharing his experience on Twitter. See more of Freddie's work

  • Andrea Fantechi

    Andrea Fantechi

    Andrea is an animation director and rigging artist based out of Florence, Italy. His work includes TV series, short films and advertisements. See more of Andrea's work

  • Adrian Fijalek

    Adrian Fijalek

    Adrian is a self-taught 2D FX artist who works in television and feature films. He also contributed splash effects to the Harmony 17 demo video. See more of Adrian's work

  • Ana Inés Flores

    Ana Inés Flores

    Ana Inés is an Argentinian illustrator and animator who co-founded Yunga. She is currently finishing a 2D animation masters degree in Spain. See more of Ana Inés' work

  • Kacie Hermanson

    Kacie Hermanson

    Kacie is a storyboard artist working in TV animation in Los Angeles. She frequently shares animatics, rough sketches and animations on social media. See more of Kacie's work

  • Wahyu Ichwandardi

    Wahyu Ichwandardi

    Wahyu is a senior animator at VaynerProductions. He specializes in crafty motion pictures with pencil, pen and pixels. See more of Wahyu's work

  • Jesse Jones

    Jesse Jones

    Jesse teaches animation in tutorials on YouTube and has been working in 2D and 3D animation for over a decade. See more of Jesse's work

  • Niki Kehoe

    Niki Kehoe

    Niki is currently a senior 2D character rigger for Blue-Zoo Animation in London. She also works with Animated Women UK, and mentors for Access: VFX. See more of Niki's work

  • Jacques Khouri

    Jacques Khouri

    Jacques is a Montréal-born Canadian with an admiration for all things visual. He has taught animation for over ten years at colleges, including SCAD, PRATT and ISART. See more of Jacques' work

  • Louise-Andrée Lapointe

    Louise-Andrée Lapointe

    Louise-Andrée is a cutout animator who graduated from Cegep du vieux Montréal in 2014 and Concordia's Film Animation in 2019. See more of Louise-Andrée's work

  • Curie Lu

    Curie Lu

    Curie is currently studying character animation at Calarts. You can see the process behind her short film Spring Herald on YouTube. See more of Curie's work

  • Elena Manetta

    Elena Manetta

    Elena is a storyboard artist in NYC who currently works in preschool television. You can find Elena's work on her online portfiolio. See more of Elena's work

  • Hayk Manukyan

    Hayk Manukyan

    Hayk is an animator with 20 years of experience. He frequently posts behind-the-scenes work from his projects on Instagram. See more of Hayk's work

  • Neisje Morrell

    Neisje Morrell

    Neisje is a studio and freelance animator based in Los Angeles. She helped organize screenings, panels, meetups, student outreach and events throughout the animation community See more of Neisje's work

  • Mike Owens

    Mike Owens

    Mike is an award winning director, EP, and is the co-creator of Danger & Eggs on Amazon Prime Video. See more of Mike's work

  • Margherita Premuroso

    Margherita Premuroso

    Margherita is an award-winning art director, character designer, animator and Illustrator. You can find her work in title sequences, commercials, shorts, and videogames. See more of Margherita's work

  • Oliver Putland

    Oliver Putland

    Oli is an animator with over 20 years of experience, ranging from stop-motion animation to building elaborate 2D rigs. See more of Oliver's work

  • Maree Railton

    Maree Railton

    Maree is a rigging artist by trade and a storyteller at heart. Her independent animated series Swift And Loose won the top prize at NZ Webfest. See more of Maree's work

  • Alban Rodriguez and Diane Fontaine

    Alban Rodriguez and Diane Fontaine

    Alban and Diane are a storyboarding team who have been working in the animation industry for 10 years. They also design custom brushes for Storyboard Pro. See more of Alban's work See more of Diane's work

  • Rhea Santos

    Rhea Santos

    Rhea is a professional rigging artist and animator for TV productions. She shares 2D rigging tutorials on YouTube as Whimmery. See more of Rhea's work

  • Ilana Schwartz

    Ilana Schwartz

    Ilana is a graphic artist and freelance animation director in Los Angeles. She also draws on coffee cups in her spare time. See more of Ilana's work

  • Anja Shu

    Anja Shu

    Anja is a 2D animator from Kyiv, who has contributed to a number of animated feature films, shorts, series, commercials and games. See more of Anja's work

  • Mark Simon

    Mark Simon

    Mark has over 30 years of experience working as a story artist and director for live action and animation, as well as writing and lecturing. See more of Mark's work

  • Alex Small-Butera

    Alex Small-Butera

    Alex co-created the hit animated web series Baman Piderman on YouTube with Lindsay Small-Butera. They recently collaborated with PillowFight to create Later Alligator. See more of Alex's work

  • Kaitlin Sutherland

    Kaitlin Sutherland

    Kaitlin is an experienced industry animator with a demonstrated history of producing quality animations for television and feature. See more of Kaitlin's work

  • Fernando Toussaint

    Fernando Toussaint

    Fernando is Venezuelan animator based in Panama with over 10 years of experience working in the creative industry. He recently founded the Filo Animation studio. See more of Fernando's work

  • Erick Tran

    Erick Tran

    Erick is an animation director and producer with 25 years of experience. He is the founder of Chavvo Animation Studios in Burbank. See more of Erick's work

  • Yu Ueda

    Yu Ueda

    Yu is a Japanese mixed-media animator. His long-term goal is to build a production pipeline which achieves the look and feel of traditional animation with modern technologies. See more of Yu's work

  • Alejandra Wiechers

    Alejandra Wiechers

    Alejandra works in Vancouver as a storyboard artist. She makes quick video tutorials to show beginners the ropes in Storyboard Pro. See more of Alejandra's work

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