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Access Toon Boom software whenever you need it and at a price you can afford.

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Get Up and Running Fast

Get Up and Running Fast

Desktop Subscriptions give you quick access to Harmony and Storyboard Pro by avoiding up front costs at the start of your project.

Fits Your Schedule

Fits Your Schedule

Subscribe by the month or for the year. Easily adjust the number of features you're using as your project load goes up or down.

Support and Updates

Support and Updates

Desktop Subscription includes both Kick Start and Silver Support. Plus, you always have access to the very latest versions of all the software you're using.

How It Works

Fast and Easy

Fast and Easy

Desktop Subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis for Harmony and Storyboard Pro. There's no Internet connection to required to run the software after activation, and the feature set is identical to the perpetual license versions.

Support Included

Silver Support is included with Desktop Subscriptions. You have access to our technical support personnel and new releases from the moment you start your subscription.

Software To Go

Software To Go

Got a new machine? It's easy to move your subscription from one machine to another. With Desktop Subscriptions, you use only the software features you need, when you need it.


  • How does the new Desktop Subscription option work?

    • You select the Monthly or Annual Desktop Subscription from the Toon Boom online store.

    • Once your Toon Boom software is downloaded and activated, you can run it on your desktop just as you would with a perpetual license.

  • Does Desktop Subscription mean that I am running my software over the Internet?

    No, you are still running your software on your desktop or laptop computer.

  • Do the Trial versions have the same feature set as offered with perpetual licenses of your software?


  • Do I need an Internet connection to run Harmony if I am using a Desktop Subscription?

    No, the Internet connection is only needed to install and activate the license for the product you purchased, and for managing your account.

  • Do I get any support as part of my Desktop Subscription?

    Yes, both Kick Start and Silver Support are included.

  • When does my Desktop Subscription actually commence (e.g. the first time I use the software or right away)?

    The Desktop Subscription begins immediately after checkout from our online store.

  • How are renewals handled? Are they automatic or do I need to do something?

    When you select a monthly or annual Desktop Subscription and you reach the end of that time period, your license will automatically renew for the same length of time at the start of the next period.

  • Do I need to have a Toon Boom ID to get a Desktop Subscription?

    Yes, you need to be registered as a Toon Boom Community member as you will be asked for your login during checkout.

  • Do I get access to newer versions of Harmony if I have a Desktop Subscription?

    Yes, newer versions of Harmony are available without additional charge.

  • Is a credit card required to use the online store? Does Toon Boom store my credit card information?

    Yes, a credit card is required. We do not store your credit card information except for the CVV (Card Verification Value) and expiry date (retained for you to verify card upon renewal).

  • Can I move my Desktop Subscription to another computer?


  • Can I print invoices from the Toon Boom website for Desktop Subscription?


  • Can I move from a Desktop Subscription to a perpetual (permanent) license of Harmony?

    Yes. You can do this without the need to reinstall Harmony.

  • If I get a Desktop Subscription for Harmony and also one for Storyboard Pro, can I activate Harmony on a different computer than Storyboard Pro?


  • How do I cancel my desktop subscription?

    You can cancel a Desktop Subscription at any time by signing into the Toon Boom website with your ToonBoomID and going to the Manage My Subscriptions section of your profile. To cancel, click on the Cancel button.

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