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2D 3D Integration

Combine 2D animation with 3D models
for an efficient workflow

Many studios today have expertise in both 2D animation and 3D animation. Character animation is much cheaper and faster to animate in 2D, but backgrounds and props are faster to model in 3D and then simply import. The reason for this is that some vehicles and backgrounds can be quite complex, and having to redraw these from different angles to get the different perspective can be very time consuming.

Toon Boom technology allows you to import 3D models and work directly in a 3D space. If you're still in pre-production, use Storyboard Pro to import models and draw on top of them to quickly lay out your storyboards.

If you're in production, then you're ready to do some 3D modelling and scene setup. You can import 3D models and simply trace on top of them to get a truly 2D look, as they do on some TV shows. Or, you can import the 3D model and render out the full quality 3D render, compositing everything directly through Harmony. Animate your 2D characters on top of everything, or place them in a full 3D space, keeping them always facing the camera. In the end, you can achieve the look you want, while cutting down on production costs.


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The storyboard is essentially the backbone to the production. We created all storyboards in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro to ensure efficiency.

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Exploring Animation Techniques & 3D Integration in Harmony

Hosted by Toon Boom Solution Specialist Michael Wiesmeier, this webinar will show you how to work in all animation styles - Traditional, Tradigital, Cut-out, and 3D Integration.

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