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When you make a film, every moment on the screen matters. Get the story right from the start with software that supports your story development process no matter what form it takes.

Take Control in Pre-production

Do you tell stories through live action, animation, CG or stop motion? Storyboard Pro lets you see and develop story in context with the rest of the film sequence. Framing, timing, thumbnails and pre-editorial control let you maintain consistency while you visually unfold the story, analyze and make adjustments before you get to production.

Storyboard Pro
Storyboard Pro


Storyboard, analyze and make adjustments on the spot

Bring in scripts and sound, location photos and other images, vector graphics, and 3D models. Draw storyboards to break down the show into shots and sequences, set timing and layout, and provide camera direction. Review and interactively revise timing, camera angles and visuals.

Send to Production

Put all the elements together and deliver the story to production

Export scenes that include sound, 3D and camera moves. Send layered panels to Photoshop, save to FBX or PDF storyboards. Export animatics or send to editorial via AAF, EDL and XML. When producing animated series, create assets that can be reused and built on in Harmony.

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Produce and Co-Produce Animated Films

How you approach animation depends on the technique you choose, the complexity of your pipeline, and the type of production. Harmony lets you stay true to the vision by combining drawing and animation tools in an artist-driven workflow that can handle any type of production, whether you are producing a film independently or working with other studios.

  • Create


    Produce animated stories in any style

    Work with traditional artists, create paperless frame-by-frame animation and design basic to advanced cut-out characters. Or use a combination of styles and composite with other types of assets like 3D, live action and rotoscoped content.

  • Adjust


    Work in context and make revisions faster

    Productivity tools let you make universal changes on the fly and do revisions fast. Art and animation plus compositing and effects tools mean you spend less time going between different applications and see final results earlier in production. It's easier to make adjustments and maintain quality with all your tools in one place.

  • Oversee


    Access shared assets from a centralized database

    Automate additional processes with Harmony Server. Create users and set access. Share data and securely control production. Create scenes from Storyboard Pro projects and batch render in the background. And oversee projects that have multiple Harmony artists simultaneously working on a single animated scene.

Streamline Animated Story Creation

The Toon Boom pipeline can help streamline your workflow and review process from start to finish by reducing complexity and automating processes.

Toon Boom Pipeline

  • Storyboard Pro Storyboard Pro Sketch • Storyboard •

    Develop storyboards and animatics in Storyboard Pro. Scenes are automatically structured and pre-built in Harmony with key poses, camera layouts, and timing.

  • Harmony Harmony Drawing • Animation •
    Special Effects •

    Draw and paint artwork, rig and animate characters, and add special effects with a built-in compositor in Harmony and visualize final results earlier in the process. Easily make adjustments later on without having to do all the intermediate steps.

  • Finishing

Integrates with your Pipeline

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Autodesk
  • Avid
  • Final Draft
  • The Foundry

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