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Episodic television and web series production is fast-paced to the extreme. Create better content, turn it around quickly, and meet the pressures of tight budgets.

Storyboard Pro
Storyboard Pro

For Pre-Production

Do you produce live action, animated, CG or stop motion series? Storyboard Pro can help you visualize story early on and stay on track in production. Built-in drawing and animatics tools let you plan and refine the story so you can anticipate what your production pipeline will need - and avoid unexpected costs.

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Storyboard Pro


For Animated Shows

Harmony combines drawing and animation tools in an artist-driven workflow that lets you accommodate all types of productions, be more efficient on short-run episodics and repurpose content for shows that span multiple seasons.

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Check out our showreel of customer work to see Storyboard Pro and Harmony in action.

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Create Animated Content Faster

Television episodic and web series production is a high-pressure business. The Toon Boom pipeline can streamline your animation projects from start to finish by reducing complexity and automating processes.

Toon Boom Pipeline

  • Storyboard Pro Storyboard Pro Sketch • Storyboard •

  • Harmony Harmony Drawing • Animation •
    Special Effects •

  • Finishing

  • Storyboard Pro


    Communicate vision, plan shots in detail, and stick to cost and scheduling constraints. Storyboard Pro lets you draw storyboards, block out camera shots, add motion, integrate scripts and create animatics to develop the story and get the timing right early on.

  • Harmony


    Produce animated content in any style in Harmony. Work with traditional artists, create paperless frame-by-frame animation and design basic to advanced cut-out characters. Or use a combination of styles and composite with other kinds of assets like 3D, live action and rotoscoped content.

  • Harmony


    With animation, special effects and compositing in Harmony, you can visualize results earlier in production and spend less time going back and forth between different apps. It's easier to do retakes and make adjustments with all your tools in one place and without worrying about changes in quality.

  • Harmony


    Automate additional processes with Harmony Server to speed up production. Get a jump on production by creating scenes in Harmony Server from Storyboard Pro projects. Its centralized database lets you create and give access to users, share data, securely control production, batch render in the background, and oversee projects.

Integrates with your Pipeline

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Autodesk
  • Avid
  • Final Draft
  • The Foundry

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