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Date Posted: 09/12/16
Moving Colour
Los Angeles, CA (US)
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Toon Boom Animator
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Relocation assist:
We are working on a very exciting project that involves some rich character animation that we'll be executing from within Harmony, working with puppet-style character rigs. We're seeking additional animators to join our team, preferably those who are also experienced with rigging in Harmony as well. We are looking for strong character animators that understand key animation principles while also bringing a believable and entertaining performance through! Our project is starting immediately, so please apply online with a link to your work samples and resume.
Animators must have at least 2 years professional experience and must be well versed in ToonBoom Harmony. Must be local and able to work from within our studio located in Downtown Los Angeles. Please, no remote applicants.
Toon Boom Software Experience:
  • Toon Boom Harmony
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Toon Boom Jobs Notification #[670]
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