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Date Posted: 01/06/17
Copernicus Studios
Halifax, Nova Scotia (CA)
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2D Animator
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Relocation assist:
Unfortunatley we do not offer relocation assistance.

Why us? Copernicus Studios offers a fun, energetic work environment, competitive compensation and growth opportunities in an exciting business backed by highly experienced, top-ranked industry professionals. Come join Copernicus Studios where it is our mission to deliver excellence!

Previous experience with Toonboom is an asset but not a necessity. This is a new high-quality animated series using a combination of character builds coupled with strong hand drawn posing and traditional animation elements.

You will be responsible for taking the approved key poses of your assigned scenes and animating all the characters/props to completion. Create breakdown drawings and adding in all the in-betweens (either hand-drawn or tweens).

Animating any additional settles and follow-through needed to polish. It will also be your responsibility to finalize the animation including any clean-up and colour.

Working closely with the Animation Supervisor on your assigned scenes, paying close attention to hook-ups, character personalities, staging, timing, and appropriate acting choices. Incorporating all notes from the Animation Supervisor, while working collaboratively with other animators under a strict schedule.

  1. Must have 2D character animation experience for television, and/or an ass-kicking demo reel.
  2. Strong understanding of motion, weight, emotion, acting and timing, with an emphasis on smooth and consistent animation movement.
  3. Must have an impeccable understanding of the animation principles; Timing & Motion, Squash & Stretch, Secondary Action, Anticipation, Follow-Through & Overlapping Action, Slow-in & Slow-out, Arcs, Exaggeration, Volume & Perspective.
  4. Strong work ethic, communication skills and a good team player.
  5. Ability to work under pressure and meet production deadlines.
  6. Must be willing to work on-site, here in Halifax.

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Toon Boom Software Experience:
  • Toon Boom Harmony
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