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Date Posted: 01/23/17
Studio Freedom Games
Tucson, Arizona (US)
Job Title:
Lead Final Animator
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Relocation assist:
Not needed.
We are in need of someone who can make final animations for our fighting game "Lilac: Rebel." I use to be able to do it, but due to my outside job, My time to work on the game has drastically decreased. So we need someone who can produce them in a timely manner. We have a lot of rough animations (two characters are completely animated in their rough forms.) So all you would need to do is draw the characters over the rough animations. Now payment could work as such, Currently everyone working on the game is doing it for free, however, we plan to launch a kickstarter to try to fund the game and when the game receives funding, payment will begin and the job will become full time, though if part time is needed, we can discuss that privately. If Interested, please send an email with a portfolio. It should include both illustrations and animations, but only animations is fine. For reference of the character's design. There will be 3 in the KS demo we will launch alongside the kickstarter campaign. Alistair Deltoro: Dawn Liddleholm:
Must have prior animation experience (even if it's not much. At least grasp and understand the 12 principles of animation). - Your animations must match the two above images in detail or quality. -The style must be cartoonish or in the realm of anime. - Has to be able to work in a group.
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  • Toon Boom Harmony
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