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Date Posted: 04/12/17
Rooster Teeth
Austin , Texas (US)
Job Title:
Lead 3D Rigger
Job Type:
Full Time
Relocation assist:

Rooster Teeth is looking for a senior rigging artist to hop on board and join the team. This person will be responsible for not only creating high dynamic rigs but also work with the animation team in order to support their needs. The rigging artist also needs to be able to work with our tech team in order to create the necessary scripts and tools required for the job.


  • Create rigging and skinning on new and existing characters
  • Create facial shapes for expressions for the characters
  • Add joints into the model, skin weighting, and blend shape creation for the rig
  • Provide technical direction on models, as needed, ensuring technical requirements are met prior to rigging phase.
  • Communicate the need for custom tools and scripts to supervisor.
  • Assist with developing approved custom tools.
  • Extensive knowledge of anatomy and kinematics
  • 3+ Years of experience with modeling, rigging and skin weighting Mel/Python Experience a must
  • Experience working collaboratively
  • Studio experience a plus
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Strong understanding of modeling and animation workflows
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work in a production pipeline
  • Maya Experience Required
  • Demo Reel and Resume
Toon Boom Software Experience:
  • Toon Boom Animate
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