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Date Posted: 09/18/17
BRON Animation Inc.
Burnaby, BC (CA)
Job Title:
Previs/Layout Artist
Job Type:
Full Time
Relocation assist:
To be discussed.
BRON Animation Inc. is on the lookout for a Previs/Layout Artists to join our team as we ramp up production on two of our films! The Previs/Layout Artist will collaborate with the Director and Director of Photography to translate the script and story boards to 3D through camera work and staging. Responsibilities: Scout, stage and block out previs sequences at the quality level set for the film. Accountable for on time and on budget execution and delivery of previs sequences. Create multiple camera coverage of a sequence as required for editorial. Assist with layout of shots for animation. Polish camera on animated shots. Assist with creating sequence level camera coverage for editorial. Create layout documentations necessary for managing sequence split. Conform Master Scene Assembly (MSA) to match editorial QuickTime, including shot length, shot names, camera composition and camera move re-timing. Prepare MSA for sequence split, including swapping assets, baking constraints, and cleaning up for a successful breakout. Check all layout shots for correct assets, shot length, camera composition and moves; tag for animation. Fix layout shots as required on a shot level; rebuild components, check and tag for animation. Rebuild and republish layout cameras for final camera fixes; publish new animation playblasts for final review. Perform any other duties related to Previs and layout as required day by day to support the team, including previsualizing animation or camera tweaks for editorial on a sequence level and exporting coverage cameras pre-layout for modeling, lookdev and lighting.
Must have a great eye for composition, camera work and lenses. Must be open to showing and reiterating on rough work. Good working knowledge of posing and animation. Excellent camera animation skills. Proven experience working well in teams and across departments. Experienced with Autodesk Maya is a must. Takes direction and feedback well. Experience with Modeling/Texturing, Lighting and Photography. Candidates must be legally able to work in Canada.
Toon Boom Software Experience:
  • Toon Boom Animate
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