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How do I start the Activation Wizard?

The Toon Boom Activation Wizard is the application used to activate, install, and manage the license for the product you purchased. The Activation Wizard will guide you through the activation process and act as a bridge between you and the Toon Boom License Server using the product code. The Activation Wizard will automatically run the first time you start the Toon Boom product and every subsequent time until you activate the product. You may need to access it later once the activation is complete (e.g. deactivating the product to install it on another computer). In that case, depending on your operating system this is where you can start the Activation Wizard (select the operating system below).

  • For Windows (depending on the product):
    Start > Programs or All Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom > License Tools > LicenseWizard
    Start > Programs or All Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom >> LicenseWizard
  • For Mac OS X
    Applications > Toon Boom > Tools > LicenseWizard