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How do I deactivate a license?

Deactivate License is an action done to return a license to Toon Boom Animation in order to grant the product code a new activation on another machine. Once the license returned, the product will not run anymore on the computer until you reactivate it.

Deactivation is only available if you have a working Internet connection on your computer. You cannot perform deactivation by email. If you need to return a license by email, please contact

Start the Activation Wizard from:

Start > Programs > Toon Boom Animation > Toon Boom [Product] > License Tools > LicenseWizard

Mac OSX:
/Applications/Toon Boom [Product]/Tools/LicenseWizard

  1. Click on Manage Licenses.

    Click on Manage Licenses
  2. Click on Manage Local Licenses.
    NOTE: If you have a License server running, please contact to get the proper procedure.

    Click on Manage Local Licenses
  3. Identify in the left table which product you are willing to return and click on it in the Product Name column.

    Select the Product
  4. Once selected, click on Return to deactivate the product from your computer.

    Click on Manage Local Licenses

There is very little chance of the deactivation failing. However, if a failure occurs, please make sure your internet connection is working correctly. If you are still not able to deactivate the product, please contact Quote the error message displayed and include your product code displayed in the License manager table.