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Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Installation Instructions


Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Toon Boom products can be used on Mountain Lion. However, there is a procedure necessary to lower the security settings when installing the software, running the license wizard, and opening the application for the first time. After you have successfully installed the software, activated the license, and run the software once, reset the security setting back to the Mountain Lion default for increased security. Follow these steps to adjust the security setting:

  1. Open up the Mac System Preferences by clicking on the Apple on the top-left of your screen, then select System Preferences. Click on the option “Security & Privacy”
    Security & Privacy
  2. Click on the lock icon to make changes to the security settings. You will need Administrator access in order to modify these settings.

    Administrator access
  3. Type in your password to allow the system to make changes.
    Type in your password
  4. Select the option “Anywhere” in the section “Allow applications downloaded from:”
    Allow applications
  5. Click on the option “Allow From Anywhere” when the dialog box opens.
    Allow From Anywhere
    Now you should be able to install the software. Make sure that you install the application, activate the license, and run the software at least once before changing these security settings again. You may choose to leave these settings on “Anywhere”, or you may change it back to the default option.
  • Operating system:

    • Mac OS X v10.8