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Licensing issue when upgrading, reformatting or with a new computer

If you upgraded your Windows or Mac operating system, or reformatted your machine without returning your license you may experience some errors.

If you bought a new computer and are trying to activate the key without returning the existing one, you will get error 7288 :License activation limit exceeded.

Ideally, you should return your license before you upgrade your OS, reformat your computer, or switch to a new computer to ensure continued use of Toon Boom products.

If you upgraded the OS or formatted your machine withtout returning the license you should be able to reenter the same license key since the hardware information is the same.

If you bought a new machine you need to return the existing license. If you cannot access your old machine, please contact
If you don't know how to return the Product Code using the Activation Wizard click here.

  • Operating system:

    • Mac OS X v10.6

    • Windows 7