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Unable to download Toon Boom Studio

You may encounter the following situation:

When you are trying to run an older version of Toon Boom Studio on the latest version of Mac OS X, you may experience freezing or crashing issues.

Toon Boom software is developed using the latest version of the OS. Older versions of Toon Boom Studio were developed on the version of the OS which was current at that time.

You may encounter the following situation:

You can not download software from our website.

To avoid malicious unauthorized downloads from our website, Toon Boom employs a referrer checking system.

To download software from the website, do one of the following:

  • Click the download link directly
  • Use a downloader that can send a referrer

There could be several reasons why you can not download our software, you may be:

  • Linking through an unofficial website
  • Using a Download Manager
  • Using a Browser which did not send a referrer
  • Using a firewall

Linking through an unofficial website
If you click on a link in an "unofficial" web site you will not be able to download our software. Toon Boom does not allow external hot-linking.

Using a Download Manager
If you use a download manager and can not download our software you need to do the following:
Set up your download manager to send an HTTP referrer, and when you'll click the link on the site, the download will be authorized.
Example of how to do this in Getright:

  1. Go to Getright Configuration.
  2. In Advanced/Protocol, check Send Referrer in HTTP Request.
  3. Select Calculated from open web browser page.

NOTE: The setup should be similar for other download managers.

Using a Browser which did not send a referrer
This normally happens when:

  • You right click on a link and select Save as
  • You copy and paste a link into a new browser window and press Enter
  • Your browser is set up to not send a referrer

Solution: Left clicking on a link works correctly and has been tested in IE6, Netscape 6, Opera6, Firefox and Safari.

Using a firewall

Some software firewalls, for instance Norton Personal Firewall (part of Norton Internet Security) or ZoneAlarm, remove the referrer from HTTP requests which will block any downloads on any site that does a referrer check.

In cases like this you should turn off such options so that you can download from out website.

  • To do this in Norton:
    Go to the Privacy Settings and disable browser privacy (which doesn't really protect your privacy anyway as your IP address will always be logged regardless of that setting).
  • To do this in ZoneAlarm:
    Go to Privacy > Cookie Control > Custom and uncheck the remove private header information option.
    Other software such as AdSubstract also block the referrer and make downloads impossible.
    Toon Boom's policy of preventing malicious unauthorized downloads from our website may cause you some inconvenience and we apologize for this.
  • Operating system:

    • Windows (all)

    • Mac OS X (all)

  • Software:

    • Studio (all)