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Difficulties with Tablet PC

Depending on the model of your Tablet PC you may encounter the following situation:

The cursor lags behind the position of your pen when you are drawing.
This occurs when the computer can not allocate enough resources to the software and may happen with older Tablet PC models.

There are several ways to increase the performance of your machine and reduce this behaviour.

  • Wacom Drivers
  • Toon Boom Studio
  • Optimizing Computer Performance

All of these are explained below.

Wacom Drivers
Make sure that you have installed the latest drivers available for your Tablet PC.
Remember, check a newer version of the driver is available, then uninstall the existing driver before installing the latest one.

Toon Boom Studio
You should disable some of the display functions in Toon Boom Studio which use a lot of resources from your video card.

To access these display functions, do the following:

  1. Open Toon Boom Studio and go to Edit > Preferences.
  2. Click on the Display tab and disable the following options:
    • Disable Hardware Acceleration (checked)
    • Disable Overlay (checked)
    • Smooth Textures & Bitmaps (unchecked)
    • Smooth Tools (unchecked)
    • Smooth Pegs (unchecked)
    • Use Small Tiles for Rendering Textures & Bitmaps (unchecked)
    • OpenGL Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (unchecked)
    • Select OpenGL as your Renderer

Optimizing Computer Performance
There are some settings included in the OS that can enhance the performance of your Tablet PC.

These can be accessed in the following way:

  1. Right click on My Computer from your desktop and go to Properties.
  2. Click on the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Performance area, click on Settings and then in the new window access the Visual Effects tab.
  4. Select the Custom radio button and disable all except for the following options:
    • Show Shadow under menu
    • Show Shadow under mouse pointer
    • Show translucent selection rectangle
    • Use drop shadow for icon labels on the desktop
    • Use visual styles on windows and buttons

  5. Once this is done, access the Advanced tab and do the following:
    • Change the Processor scheduling to Background services,
    • Change Memory usage to Programs

  6. Click the Change button in the Virtual memory section.
  7. In the new window select Custom and set both the Initial size and Maximum size to 4096 then press the Set button.
  8. Click OK in all the currently opened windows to apply all changes and restart your computer.

This should address the performance issue with some older Tablet PC models.

  • Software:

    • Studio (all)