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What can I do with Toon Boom products which require activation?

Several Toon Boom products can be installed and activated at the same time on the same computer. You can open the License Wizard application to activate all the newly installed Toon Boom software at once.

Open the License Wizard by going to one of your installed Toon Boom Products in either the Start Up menu (Windows) or the Applications folder in Finder (Mac OS X), then by going into the folder License Tools and selecting the License Wizard application.

The License Wizard will take you through the steps of managing multiple licenses.

  • Operating system:

    • Windows (all)

    • Mac OS X (all)

  • Software:

    • Animate (all)

    • Animate Pro (all)

    • Harmony (all)

    • Storyboard (all)

    • Storyboard Pro (all)

    • Storyboard Pro 3D

    • Studio (all)