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If Xsheet scrollbar is used, the Open GL view temporarily disappears

In Windows 7 if the Aero GUI is switched on and the Xsheet scrollbar is used, the Open GL view becomes temporarily disabled (either Gray or Black). To restore the view, click on the drawing in either the Xsheet or the Timeline.

Disable the Aero GUI. By default, Windows 7 uses an Aero theme. You can temporarily disable Aero on Windows 7 by choosing a non-Aero theme for your desktop.

Here are the steps to turn off Aero on Windows 7:

  1. Right click anywhere on your desktop and select Personalize.
  2. In the Personalization window, choose any of the available Basic and High Contrast Themes.
    Windows 7 applies the new theme automatically and the Aero GUI is disabled.
  • Operating system:

    • Windows 7

  • Software:

    • Animate (all)