2D – 3D Integration is Now Shipping

Montreal, Canada - August 22, 2011

Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced that Harmony 9 is now shipping, along with comprehensive documentation and video tutorials.

Available as a network or stand-alone license, Harmony 9 delivers features that were not possible before. Feature highlights include:

  • 2D-3D Integration: Import and use 3D assets within Harmony as well as transform objects on all 3 axes.
  • True Pencil: Draw with pencil lines supporting textures and variable line thickness.
  • Deform: Deform images and drawings animated over time using advanced bone and curve deformers.
  • Effects Inside: Access built-in particle effects and dozens of other effects.

Nelvana, an early adopter of Harmony 9, only has praise for the new version. “As a designer, Harmony 9 gives me everything I’ve wanted in a 2D digital animation program. The new features within the line tool alone have opened up countless design possibilities, which will allow for an even broader range of design options, and thus greatly enhance the look and appeal for our future shows. It also makes production more efficient which lets me focus on being creative,” stated Rob Risek, Sidekick’s Design Supervisor, at Nelvana.

See it in action at toonboom.com/harmony.