Contest Winners in the Toon Boom "What I Like About Harmony" contest!

Montreal, Canada - October 04, 2013

We have our winners! Congratulations! The What I Like About Harmony contest received many submissions. The entries from the contestants were very creative, we had rap songs, cartoon content and lots of humour. A big thanks to all who participated! Now find out who won...

Our winners will get a Toon Boom software of their choice!


  1. Our Favorite Entry: Wayne Van Blarcom

  2. Most Original Submission: Jonathan Savoie

  3. Special Mention: Justin Garcia

  4. Viewer's Choice : James Johnson. (The Viewers Choice with a vote average of 3.94 and 283 votes)

See the winning videos here!

All of the contestants entries are available on our YouTube Toon Boom Animation channel