Tip of the Week - Shadows and Highlights

Montreal, Canada - August 24, 2012

Toon Boom Tip of the Week In the latest installment of our Tip of the Week series of Animation tutorials our resident expert and Professional Product Manager, Lilly Vogelesang, will explain how to Add Highlights and Shadows in Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony.

Part 1 is 10 minutes long. Lilly shows Creating a Frame by Frame animation, Accessing Highlight and Shadow, she discusses Drawing on the Overlay layer and then Maximising the use of sublayers. Lilly continues by Using the Onion Skin, Layer properties in the Network view. Following this Using Modules are explained including Overlay-Layer, Layer-Selector modules. Lilly demonstrates the value of cloning a layer in the Network view. Next, the tone effect module is shown and emphasis is placed on the importance of correct port positions of matte and original drawings. Part 1 concludes with a preview of the shadow rendering.

In Part 2, Lilly continues to explain about adding shadows, but also introduces us to Alpha values, Defining what the shadow looks like, Animating a layer property over time using functions and keyframes, viewing the shadow functions. Using the Data View feature in the Timeline to see detailed info about effects properties. She explains the reasons for using the Shadow functions and not just painting the shadow. Lilly also shows how to use both Highlight and Tone. Finally the Radial properties are explained and how they can be used to harden or soften the edge of a shadow.

So get comfortable, watch the video and learn how to experience a better way to more efficient and satisfying animation, with our Tip of the Week.

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