Toon Boom on CBC News - Video

Montreal, Canada - February 24, 2012

The CBC interviewed Joan Vogelesang, President and CEO of Toon Boom Animation. Ms. Vogelesang was interviewed by the CBC Montreal’s Arts Reporter, Laurence Trepanier. This was really exciting news especially when  two films which use Toon Boom Harmony have been nominated for Academy Awards.

Click this link to watch the video of the interview

The CBC News Report began with an interview with Jacques Bilodeau, President of Oasis Animation in Montreal.  M. Bilodeau spoke about the way in which Toon Boom software is used in his company to create high quality animation  for TV.

It then continued with film footage of various productions in which Toon Boom Animation products were used, such as The Simpsons Movie and Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. This was followed by a tour of the Toon Boom office in Montreal where Ms. Vogelesang was interviewed.

Ms. Vogelesang spoke about Toon Boom’s industry leading professional animation and storyboarding products, how they have effected the way which animation is created digitally. She also emphasised the way in which Toon Boom Animation has diversified it’s products to successfully enter other market segments aimed at Home Users, Kids and the Education.

The interview also mentioned the current Oscar nominated films Chico and Rita, nominated for Best Animation Feature and Patrick Doyon‘s NFB short Sunday, nominated for Best Animated Short Subject, both of which used Toon Boom Harmony.