Toon Boom Launches Animate 2

Montreal, Canada - April 01, 2010

Emmy® Award-winning Toon Boom Animation Inc. today announced the release of Toon Boom Animate 2, a new version that provides Flash animators with more power and flexibility for creating animation. Considering the tailor- made features Animate 2 provides, now is the time for Flash animators to rely on a technology specifically designed to make their animation creation process a more straightforward and efficient one.

Adam Phillips, publisher of Bitey Castle (, creator of the Brackenwood series and all-time top scoring on Newgrounds had this to say about Animate 2: "Version 2 of Animate is exactly what I've been waiting for. Having had the honour of testing some of the new features ahead of the release, I cannot recommend it highly enough. To those who are thinking of upgrading, my answer is yes. This upgrade is worth it. If you are a Flash user and are tired of animation software that fights you every step of the way, you only need an afternoon to get acquainted with Animate and you'll never go back. Mark my words. With a big fat red marker."

Animate 2 delivers the following key benefits:


  • Superior drawing tools with brushes
  • Convenient text capability
  • Added TWAIN support for scanning
  • Advanced animation tools
  • Smart combination of pegs and symbols
  • Easy access to the top 15 FX
  • Flexible export options as image sequence,
  • SWF, FLV and MOV

True space

  • Integrated real-time camera
  • Impressive depth movement on Z-axis
  • Powerful motion path settings
  • Efficient ease and velocity settings

Smart Puppet

  • Smooth character motion using forward and inverse kinematics
  • Sophisticated morphing
  • Flexible rigging and hierarchy options
  • Reusable library structure
  • Automated lip-sync

Colour Tune

  • Fast colouring using palettes
  • Fine-tune colour ambiance using cloning
  • Well-established paint tools
  • Smart colour effects with invisible lines
  • Advanced textures and gradient painting

Buy Toon Boom Animate 2 now at the special launch price of $599.99 US (regular price: $699.99 US), valid until April 14, 2010. All customers who took advantage of the pre-order campaign which started on March 8, 2010, will receive their Product Code electronically along with instructions on how to install and activate the product.

Information about Toon Boom Animate 2, including new tips, is now available online at