Toon Boom Pulls Out of MIFA and Starts Harmony Launch Tour

Montreal, Canada - May 17, 2011

As the industry leader with a solid expertise in production pipelines developed over 15 years, Toon Boom has become the premier global technology and workflow supplier in the animation industry. It is with great regret that Toon Boom is announcing its withdrawal from MIFA, due to a fundamental disagreement with the organizers.

As Toon Boom was planning to officially announce Harmony 9 at MIFA, the executive team will be embarking on a Harmony Launch Tour throughout Europe in June. Led by Joan Vogelesang, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Francisco Del Cueto, Chief Technology Officer, the tour will give the team the opportunity to deliver more personalized presentations and demonstrations. Details will be communicated very shortly.

Harmony 9 delivers capabilities that simply did not exist before. Starting with True Pencil, the ability to draw with pencil lines supporting textures; then on to Deform, the ability to deform images and drawings over a period of time using advanced bone and curve deformers; Effects Inside, the ability to access built-in particle effects and dozens of other effects; and finally, 2D-3D Integration, the ability to import and modify 3D assets within Harmony as well as transform elements on all 3 axes. As the main animation production backbone, Harmony offers full artistic freedom with ease of use and total control.