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Are you a team of 15 or more looking for a production tracking and asset management system for an animation project? Get the best solution for your animation pipeline.

Subscription includes installation, configuration, training and Gold Support.


  • License: per month
  • Minimum number of licenses: 15
  • 15 licenses: per month (six months min.)
  • Volume discounts are available for large teams


  • Production tracking and asset management tools that maximize efficiency in productions that depend on mid- to large-size teams.
  • Easy-to-understand user interface to structure your production pipeline. Use nodes and connections to build your pipeline from scratch or start from a template.
  • Reports and dashboards to track progress.
  • Review and approval process that reduces turnaround times.
  • Communication tools for more efficient production cycles.
  • Seamless integration with Harmony and Storyboard Pro.
  • Fits into any animation pipeline.