How To Create Transitions In Toon Boom Studio

Learn in Toon Boom Studio how to create transitions between scenes.

A transition is a way to gradually move from one scene to another. We usually use transitions to indicate a change of location or to give a rhythm to the action. Even though there are no actual transition tools in Toon Boom Studio, there are lots of easy ways to create transitions between your scenes. You can simply use a drawing or an image on a peg or using either the Clipping effect or the Color Transform effect.
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Using only drawings or images

Pegs are used to apply movements to elements in the Camera View. Animating a drawing or a bitmap on top of your scene using a peg is the quickest and easiest way to make simple transitions. An example of transition using a single peg is a horizontal or vertical wipe. You can achieve this by moving a rectangle over your scene using the motion scene operator. Note that using this technique you can only make a transition to a solid color, such as black or white or to a bitmap image. If you would like to make a wipe transition between two sets of action, you can use the Clipping Effect, also known as a mask.

Using a Clipping Effect

The Clipping effect will hide part of your scene using a mask. Everything that appears under the mask drawing element is displayed. The rest will be hidden as shown in the next figure.

Clipping Effect

You can also achieve more complex transitions using this technique. The following example shows you how to create a wipe transition like the one shown above by making the transition between two sets of action instead of wiping from an action to a solid color.

  • Create a rectangle the size of the entire scene in the Camera View.
  • Add a Clipping Effect element into the timeline with the + button.
  • Add a peg and attach the rectangle to the peg.
  • Drag the peg inside the mask element (the rectangle should follow).
  • Drag the elements of your scene inside the Clipping Effect.
  • Animate the rectangle’s peg element by moving it from the center of the screen at the first frame to the far right (so the rectangle is completely outside of the Camera View) at the last frame.
  • Now the transition effect should be done. If you wanted the transition to apply to another scene put the other scene element below the Clipping Effect. If you want to do a transition to black put a black rectangle below the Clipping Effect.

Using the Color Transform Effect

Finally, you can use the Color Transform effect to make fading transitions in between scenes. The Color Transform effect can transform color as well as the transparency level of an element. For a fading effect, simply animate the transparency of a solid rectangle that covers the entire Camera View by setting its alpha values from 0 to 1. Here are the steps to make a quick fade to black with Toon Boom Studio:

  • Create a black rectangle that covers the entire scene in the Camera View.
  • Add a Color Transform Effect element into the timeline with the + button.
  • Drag the black rectangle inside the Color Transform Effect. Make sure that these 2 elements are above every other element on the scene.
  • Select the first frame of the Color Transform Effect and set the alpha to 0 (either multiplicative or additive).
  • Select the last frame of the Color Transform Effect and set the alpha to 1.

Downloads: Sample Material (ZIP)