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Storyboarding Concepts

Get aquainted. This series is an introduction to storyboarding. Learn about storyboards, scenes, shots, panels, camera shots, camera moves, and the art of showing with action rather than telling with...

Project Creation

Get Started. This series helps you start Storyboard Pro, create and optimize your projects.


Get familiar with the Storyboard Pro interface. This series will help you use and customize the toolbars, views, menus, and workspaces.

Preferences and Shortcuts

Get comfortable. This series will help you set your own personal preferences, auto-save your projects, and use keyboard shortcuts.


Get to know panels. This series covers some of what's possible with scenes and panels, as well as helps you structure your storyboard project.

Script and Captions

Get to know text. Learn how to import scripts, add text, and add captions.


Get to know layers. Learn all of the incredible things that can be done with layers in Storyboard Pro, including, grouping, merging, and transparency.

Drawing and Staging the Story

Get into drawing and painting. Learn about vector and bitmap drawing, as well as explore a vast array of drawing tools.

Creating an Animatic

Get to build your animatic. This series covers some of the tools that give your storyboard movement, such as camera moves, layer animation, and panel duration.

Exporting the Project

Get to know exporting. This series covers some of the most popular ways to export a storyboard project, such as PDF and QuickTime movie.