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Hello, everyone, it's Davi here, and welcome back to my tutorial on Nodes. You notice that the way I create these Nodes systems is by putting them inside groups and name them. The reason I do this, is because I like to keep my Nodes view very organized. And naming helps me know where to go if I want to add one thing or the other or even copy to use it somewhere else. So I'll turn everything off here. So you know that the only drawing that I have is this one here and everything is coming from it, and it's just Dig a Way typed on this font on a yellow color.

So let's start with the most simple one. I'll turn on the composite. And this is a group that I created. I named it by clicking on the yellow square here, and typing whatever I wanted here, which is Black_Outline. Because this is exactly what it's gonna do. It's gonna create this black stroke around the original drawing. So let's go inside this group and see how this is happening. And it's just macro size, a color scale and another one with the original drawing going straight down to the composite. I'm gonna delete this, so we can build this together.

First, let's drag macro size from the node library into the Nodes view and connect it by holding option on a mac. And by going to the properties. We can see that it gives you a box and when you start typing that is in here. That's how you know what the macro size is doing. It's expanding whatever drawing goes into it by this amount. So let's use 1.8, because this is what I think that looks good on this example. And let's disconnect it, so we can understand the color scale.

So going to these properties, you can see that you can change all of these boxes, but I'm just gonna use the value one. We know that the closer to zero, the darker it gets, but if it's zero, it's gonna be completely black. And since you wanted black stroke, let's just use that. So if we add these two, you probably imagine what's gonna happen. This is gonna make it expand a little bit, and this is gonna make it black, there. And now, if you bring in one with no Nodes, this is just the original drawing, each of the composite. There we go. We have a black stroke around our drawing. So, this is the first one, it's pretty simple. On the next one, I'm gonna start doing something a little bit more complicated, which is this gold look here with shine so I'll see you there. Good bye.