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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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So now what we want to do is to integrate the character inside and outside. So for the moment, character is with the outside setting. So let's duplicate the mask here, linked to the element, and let's say to Harmony that I want this character to be seen outside the screen_mask, okay? So let's find a cutter again here and outside the screen_mask, which shows the element outside. That's okay. And then create the second one, which will be seen inside the screen_mask, not the screen itself. So let's do it like this.

So here we have a character inside and outside. Let's show this way, for instance. And this inside character must be inside the screen perfectly, you put the under the light rays. So what I will try to do is to create here another multiple in. So using, for instance...I need to use a trick to do it. So let's say I will use this cutter here and remove this one. Create the cutter straight inside here, says I want to link a cutter to my element, okay. Under the light rays and say I want this to be the character under the light rays. So as you can see, it doesn't work yet.

I shall have Z position issue. So if I go inside the character peg and check the Z position, I can see I have 5.061, and here it's 5. So let's say I will change it to 5. Okay, okay, now it is working, my character is under. Oh, he's so under that, actually, I have issues regarding position of the character, but's it's only because of the special position. So now it might be good. Let's see. Don't pay attention to that, it's perfectly normal. It's due to the perspective effects. I will just fix it later. So, okay.

Here it is working, so now I have my character inside the screen mask. Well, actually, I don't really need it because it is already outside. So let's say it like this. This was a small mistake, but here it is. And now I need to add a filter on my elements. So I will use in the Node Library > Filters, and I'm going to use Matte-Blur, take my element on it, put it like this. Then choose a perfect color for my element, maybe a little...okay. And then use a Blending effect. And shall I use a Hue? Okay, character is under and we'll reduce. So I can still see a bit of his colors, maybe 180. Okay, looks pretty nice to me. Or maybe a bit more.