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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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So first step, if I go inside my left building, I see I have the building here. So with the proper screen and some chicken and elements inside, with the elements I've created three parts. First is the small panel, second is the big screen and last, the wire mask. So if I go inside each of them, I have the panel itself, which is the mask of the panel. I have the animation of the chicken and the smoke, which I recreate in order to animate it and I ask a mask, which I could have created just here but I'm a bit lazy, so I prepared it, would be using for the animation of the appearance.

So let's begin with the small panel. So first step on this first panel is to create the wide path of the chicken and the cup and the smoke here. So in order to do that, I've created a small mask, big mask actually here, which I will animate, so I create a peg, plug it on it. And let's remember where the camera begins. Actually I just deleted all of my cameras, but I will do it again. So let's say it's from here. I know it was a first one, so let's say it's from here. I made a mistake.

So in my small panel, let's say it is from here, I've created a key frame because I'm in animate here. Let's reduce to here. Okay, okay. And let's say I want the elements to be seen only inside my mask. So if the mask goes on, we reveal. So I want to invert of course, because I want it to disappear. So here it is. My elements are seen only outside the mask. What I want to do is that I want to, as I did here, to change the line on the mask. So I would go to the sapphire and use another effect to change the line here. So I will use, for instance, a Harmony effect which is the turbulence we already used previously, and I will go inside my element and change the turbulence itself. So let's increase the amount and the frequency. So here you see that the turbulence is...increase the complexities so that the details inside can be like this too. And then I will add a really, really, really small blur, so 0.02. Okay, so now my chicken and ball disappear with this turbulence.

Okay, next step is I want to create the light. So I will use the same effects, but mask with itself. So actually not really itself, but I create a second one with Apply Peg transformation. If I linked it here, you can see like this. I create a bag which I linked my apply bag, removed this, put it down, okay. And now what I know is that I have this element if I linked it here. I will see I have my black mask here and itself if I changed the color with, where is it, a matte blur here, as you can see, I got the black here and here is the white one. So what I want to see is the black minus the white. So I will combine with another cutter and say I want to see the black with the turbulence and the blur seen outside the white. And let's say it is like this, okay. And then I will add the same turbulence effect.

Okay, so let's say we'll do this line and let's increase a bit the amount and say it will be a bit smaller. So okay, and what I want, I want this to be seen inside the element and only on the element, so I got two choice. One is to cut it with the element itself or I can choose to do the opposite so that my chicken will be seen only inside this element. I will use first this because as I want to add a glow, we'll be better on the element's original color. So I choose a glow. I change the color for it to be something like this, reduce a bit. Okay, and it's a bit to match, and still to match.

Okay, let's say this is okay to me. Oops, CTRL+Z, okay. So I have the blur here and my elements are moving properly. And now I will use another Sapphire effect, which is in the lightning and it's called S-Rays. I will use the rays and the rays are locked to the camera positions, so as I am here let's say it will be -5 and let's say -8. Increase the length, the brightness really a lot. Okay, this looks okay except your region is too far, sorry, from the element. I've touched the mike.

So what I want to do is to animate this. So let's go here on the S-Ray, press F6, press to open it. And I had the key here and I go to my last frame. Okay, press F6 again. Here on my F6, okay. So let's see how it is. Of course, because here I didn't manage to scroll it down, so scroll it to...okay. Let's say this is okay. Okay, and I will just decrease a bit these to say open 55 and to increase the brightness to 10. Okay, so here it is from my chicken and cup on this small panel. And now we'll do the wires.