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Adding Text

Learn a few ways to add text to your captions in a Storyboard Pro project.

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Shabana Ali

Shabana Ali

Multimedia Artist

Montreal, Canada

Toon Boom Animation

Video Transcript

Adding Text.

So the most rudimentary way to enter text into your caption fields is by clicking in the field of your choice and typing directly. But you can imagine that this might be quite time-consuming if you need to do this for all the caption fields for all the panel in your storyboard. So if you've already imported a script into your storyboard, you can actually use the script to fill in your caption fields. The first thing we need to do however to make this process more efficient is to change our workspace to the Vertical Workspace. And we can do this by going to the Workspace toolbar at the top and selecting the fifth icon, Vertical Workspace. Or you can go to the Windows menu at the top and select the Workspace > Workspace > Vertical.

So as you can see in this workspace, we have our panels all the way to the left, all the caption fields for the panels in the middle and then our script here on the right-hand side. So the first thing I'm going to do is delete this text and then what I'm going to do is select some text from the script and then drag it and drop it into the dialog caption field. So it's really as easy as that. You can not only drag text from the script caption field of the Storyboard View to different caption panels of Panel View, but you can also drag text and have it automatically be copied between caption fields in the Panel View.

Lastly, captions added to panels are exportable to PDF.