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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Video Transcript

Inside is done, just check the outside and...whoops. Let's go here. And so now, the character touches the screen, and here we can see the inside screen perfectly. So here what's inside the screen must be seen perfectly. So let's go in the node library and the filters, take transparency, and let's say here my element is perfectly visible. So if I check transparency I created with a shortcut, and let's say it's perfectly visible and here it's perfectly not visible. It's transparent. So let's say here my element is totally not visible, here is visible, perfect. And check the screen, we will use glow, so we'll use the element from here. Let's say it is the right position to here, okay. Check it. So here we have a 2.5 intensity, radius will be bigger here, something like 25. Okay, seems okay. Goes with hand, everything is visible, the glow works.

And now the background behind. Let's say here another. And 1, let's say the alpha to 0. Okay. I think it will work for what I have to do. Perfect. And now I need to add some filter on my character outside so the light has an effect on him. So I will use once again the move-and-apply peg transformation. Let's use it from 144 to 150, 149, then 153. So let's apply here a peg. Okay, and move the character down, up above. Okay, let's say it's okay. Go to the filter, use the tone. Where is it on my favorites? Look and combine tone. Let's use it to create a tone for my element, just invert the Matte. And I said 144, F6, 149, F6, 153, F6.

So first I want a radius of 5, and I want an alpha of 0. Then next step is an alpha of 150. And 100 may be good, let's see. Okay, and as you can see, radius is not enough. I need a bigger one, something like 10. Okay for 10, and then yet use again the apply tag. And on this, apply peg, move again...oops, sorry, create a peg. Okay. And this element I move up. All of it will be above the cutter. So I will move the cutter from here to the end. Here, actually. Okay. And here I will go inside the node and use a highlight. And use it like this. So here is the new peg, and what I want is to create a highlight inverted as I did. Okay, so exactly the same highlight. F6, F6, and again F6. You can see it here. Okay.

So first frame alpha is 0. Second frame alpha is 150, let's say 200. And let's say here it's okay. We go to previews frame, maybe add 1.5 and here 1.5. Okay. And now everything is set up. So we shall render, take the output, says 720. Create a V2 in the render, so customize as you want. I use PNG compression sound, but there is no sound. And middle quality, so it's in French. And let's render it. I come back after render.

Back after the render, so here is what we've created. So first time, the guy is jumping and then goes inside. So as you can see, I shall reuse the frequency of the turbulence and maybe of the bubbles here, but we did it.

Okay, that was Romuald Drouillard on Molil'Arts Production for Harmony.