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Romuald Drouillard

Romuald Drouillard

Technical Director and Co-founder

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

Malil'Art Productions

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So unlock the small panel, keep the wire, and here's the screen. So inside the screen, I have elements. So I have a mask of the screen and I have this mask which is the shadowy part of the screen I created first. So my first step will be to animate a bit this chicken, which is for the moment totally not moving. So let's go inside the chicken and create a small puppet. So create a peg or I need to move all the pegs' anchor point to the proper position. So four pegs, okay, SHIFT+M to reset the view, and what I want is I want the right paw, left paw and chicken tail to be plugged inside the main peg of the chicken.

So first step, I want to animate the position of the chicken itself. So let's say it will go from here until here from left to right, okay, which is quite simple, actually. Let's say from 40 to 85. Okay, one to another. And during this time, I want the paws to move. So let's jump at the first one and say we add here a key and let's animate from here. So a rotation key, 1-2-3-4-5-6, 1-2-3-4-5-6, F6, create, copy, paste. So I get one cycle. Let's duplicate the cycle. Okay.

And here is my last frame or element. So let's say I will just reduce two frame, so 1-2-3, 1-2-3. Okay, on frame 85, everything will be okay. So what I want to do now is to change position. Okay, position, here it is. Back position, let's move it back, okay. So if I go back, tack-tack-tack, my little chicken is...the paw is moving, so let's do the same with the other. Okay, F6. Open and animate. I need to change first the position and then 1-2-3-4-5-6. Okay. As you can see, this is really a small animation. I'm not preparing you to be a good animator. Actually, that's why I'm doing visual effects. So at the same time, let's animate the tail. So for the tail, let's add a rotation. Okay, tail is moving properly, and now I will just add a deformer here.

As you can see here, I got the rigging tool, so I select the chicken on my first frame and I select the hammer and the tool here and create one, two, three points. As you can see, I have two bone, one bone here and second bone here. And what I want to do, I use the translation tool. I want to add actually a key frame on this one, okay, which is the bone one as you can see. So I can select the bone one and add, press F6, create a bone key, jump to the next one and change a bit and animate a bit my element.

Animators will notice how simple this one is and that I don't go inside the details, but as we can say it will do the job properly for what I want to do. Wonderful. And then once here, let's say look inside and go back. And at the same time, okay, let's see how it works. Okay, that's okay for me. Okay, chicken is animated. Now let's add small, really small animation on smoke for it not to be that...oops, I need to go and take the anchor points again. Okay, and let's say this will go from here until here, okay, just to make it move a bit.

And then my next move is to, as I want my element to be inside the screen, is to mask everything inside the screen, so I go once again, choose a cutter, make it inside the screen, okay.