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Video Transcript

Now it's time to paint our character design, so I'm switching to the Drawing view where we have access to sublayers within our drawing layer, which are also called art layers. They are line art and color art. It's usually a good idea to separate your line art from your color art because it gives you more control and flexibility over those elements. To fill our color art sublayer with our paint color, we need to copy and paste the vector information from the line art sublayer. So to do that we select all of the lines in our line art sublayer and then click on this button called, Create Color Art from Line Art. Now going to our color art sublayer, we have just the vector part of the lines and we can fill that area with color.

By default, the art layers are the line art and color art sublayers. You also have access to two other art layers, the underlay and overlay sublayers, which you can activate by going to your Preferences and then to Advanced and then by selecting Support Overlay and Underlay Arts.

Please note that art layers and the create color art from line art feature are not available in the Essentials version of Harmony 12.