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Learn how to change your autosave preferences to always be sure your work is being backed up.

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Shabana Ali

Shabana Ali

Multimedia Artist

Montreal, Canada

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Auto Save

So to access the Auto Save Preference, you have to go to the top menu and select Storyboard Pro > Preferences if you're using Mac or Edit Preferences if you're using Windows. In the Preferences panel that appears, click on the Advanced tab. And under the Memory section, you'll see that there's the Auto Save with the value listed in minutes. So by default, the Auto Save is set to never, which means that as you're working along, it's never being saved, unless you're periodically clicking on the Save button or using the keyboard shortcut Command+S on Mac or Ctrl+S on Windows. So to change this, you can slide the slider across and the value will increase by increments of 10 minutes. If you click your cursor into the field and change the time manually, it, in fact, won't save. It'll just jump back to a 10-minute increment after you've left the field. So I'm gonna leave it at 10 and then click on OK. And now as I work, my project will be saved every 10 minutes.