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Video Transcript

In my Camera View, I'm going to activate this tool here, which is called Show Control, and when it is activated, I can see the path of the ball and I'm going to adjust that path by adding some control points. So you add a control point by hovering with your cursor over the path and then you press on the letter P just once. You don't need to hold it down. If you do, you'll add many points at the same time inadvertently. Now the long axis of the ball is not following the action path correctly from frames 1 to 7. So I'm going to rotate the ball at frame 1, and you can see in the other frames via the onion skin, that they are following along as I rotate the ball at frame one and are now following the action path correctly.

Now at frame 10, I want to re-expose the ball position at frame 9. So I'm going to go to frame 9 in the timeline, right click to get the menu to copy the cell, and go to frame 10, right click in the timeline and select Paste the Cell in the Timeline. Then at at frame 8, I'm gonna copy and paste the ball from frame 7 and I'm going to reposition it to the same location as the ball in frame 9. In order to show the change from the stretch to the squash shape in the same place, in order to accentuate that change, the angle of the ball in frames 11 to 17 is not following the action path correctly. So I am rotating the ball at frame 17 and you can see in the onion skin frames that they're all now oriented correctly and following the action path.