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Video Transcript

In this video, we will be creating the artwork and coloring our artwork for the bouncing ball animated with the peg technique.

So the first thing I'm gonna do is lock my planning layers here so that I can't select them later unintentionally. Then the next thing I'm gonna do in this new layer called Ball is I'm going to use the ellipse tool located here, and holding down Shift, I'm going to pull out the shape of the ball, and then in my Drawing View, select the ball, Create Color Art From Line Art, go to the color art sublayer and then fill that vector line with the color I've selected.

Now, I'm gonna create a color gradient to paint the ball with. So I'm gonna double click on this color swatch, I want to choose a radial gradient since we're coloring a ball. So I'm clicking here to select it. Clicking on this first marker, I create one of the colors in my gradient, and then clicking on the second marker, I create a dark version of the first color and I can see the gradient preview here. So now holding down the I key to activate the paint bucket tool, I fill the vector line with the color gradient. If I want to make adjustments to the gradient that I've just made, I go to the Contour Editor button, and in the drop-down menu I select Edit Gradient Texture. And now by clicking on the gradient area, I activate the adjustment handle and I can expand or decrease the area of the gradient as well as root position the center point. So there are a number of adjustments you can make with the Edit Gradient tool. Back in my Camera View, I'm ready to start setting my key and breakdown poses, which we'll do in the next video.